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Since 1979 Konarski Chiropractic Clinic has improved the health of our patients through conservative treatment. Consider a natural drug-free approach to reduce pain and promote your body's own ability to heal.

You can rely on honesty, sincerity, and integrity from me. I truly care about you and your condition. As my top priority, my goal is to deliver personal attention if you visit only a few times or make chiropractic care an addition to your daily living. And because your health is our focus, if I feel that other treatment options are more appropriate for your condition, we will discuss co-treatment or referral to another health-care provider.

This clinic proudly services Little Rock and the surrounding communities, but our patients literally come from all over the world, from all age groups and all walks of life. We welcome travelers or visitors, especially those attending conventions or sporting events or whose loved ones are hospitalized nearby,  I will focus on your specific needs, whether it is for one visit or many.  You are important to us!

Although most insurance plans cover chiropractic care, you would be surprised how affordable your healthcare products, therapies, and acupuncture sessions are.  Don’t delay feeling better because you think it will cost too much.  


We also stock many healthcare products and are happy to order special items for you.



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Can Your Feet Hurt Your Back?

One of the product/services offered at Konarski Chiropractic Clinic is fitting you for custom orthotics (insoles).  If your feet, which form your base, are not supported, how can the rest of your body be in balance?  And if you are not in balance, how can your body function properly?


Foot, knee, hip and low back pain can all be the result of poor biomechanical support for your feet.  You may be compensating for weak foot muscles with poor posture which puts more strain on other joints.


Properly fitting shoes are only part of the answer.  You have 3 separate arches in each foot.  The linings that come in shoes or the insoles that are purchased in stores usually only address one of those arches.  Furthermore, those insoles are based on average foot measurements.  But no two people have the same feet!  So why spend a lot of money on shoes and mass produced insoles that were measured on some hypothetical feet when you can have orthotics custom made for YOU?


The proper orthotics for you are also determined by your work and leisure activities, the type of shoe you wear, and other specific physical problems.  Dr Konarski-Hart will consult with you and perform an orthopedic examination before recommending the best type of foot support for your needs.  Only then will your feet be measured for orthotics that fit you exactly.


It may seem obvious that proper foot support can improve your running or walking regimen.  Did you know that custom orthotics have been proven scientifically to improve your golf game?   And can you imagine how reducing the stress on your feet can affect your work attitude and productivity?


Make your next step the right one to decrease the stress and discomfort you’ve been suffering.  Call 501-664-1477 to set up an appointment to see how custom orthotics can change your life.

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