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I have been teaching CPR/AED and emergency response for almost 2 decades under the name Carin’ Hearts. There is training tailored for every need, individuals, small or large groups can all be accommodated.   Different levels of instruction are also available:  


Healthcare Provider: a 2 year certificate (card) usually required by healthcare providers for their professional relicensure.  Practical and written exam included.


Heartsaver:  often the level required by teachers, group counselors, church staff.  Training covers infant, child and adult emergency response CPR/AED/Choking.  No exam required.  Two year card issued.


Layperson:  excellent for large groups, congregations, general knowledge.  Hands only CPR/Choking/intro to AED and  ways to recognize and assist in an emergency

Arrange for instruction on-site at work, school or church.   Learn with your friends or co-workers.  Depending on the course level and number of trainees, classes last from 45 minutes to 4 hours.  Everyone has the opportunity for hands-on experience, personal interaction and  individual questions.  Training can be tailored to the needs of the group.

Changes in CPR protocol occur often.  It is important that you renew your certification every 2 years.  Review the notes provided so that you can quickly recall the steps to saving a life.

You will always be prepared in case of an emergency.  What if your loved one needed help right now?   Would you know what to do?  A 3 hour investment now can allow you to give the greatest gift to someone later.  

Call 501-664-1477 today to schedule your beneficial CPR training courses.

Classes or lectures are also available discussing emergency preparation.  Ideal for caregivers, adults with older parents or to prepare yourself, this is an excellent presentation for luncheons, church committees or community outreach organizations.  Learn what information and documents are essential in an emergency.  Discover how to easily and inexpensively pack a “go-kit” with needed items for a rapid evacuation or even an emergency hospital trip.


Designed to be an interactive fun but informative experience, this again can be tailored to the needs of the group.  As a member of the AR1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team and the Pulaski County Medical Reserve Corps, I attempt to give personal insights into what simple items can make an emergency bearable.

Learn from a Knowledgeable Professional

A Fast and Easy Way to Learn

You Can Save a Life

Make Sure You are Current

Beyond CPR

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